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TBME Harmony Awards


To honor music educators who have made outstanding and significant contributions to the profession


Do you know a GREAT music teacher? Do you know someone who always works behind the scene but is rarely recognized for their accomplishments? Now is the time to nominate!!!!
For every performer who makes it to the stage, there was a teacher who played a critical role in getting them there. And really, that's true for all of us who are making music today. Maybe they introduced you to your first instrument. Or they showed you how to get over your stage fright. Or maybe they just inspired you to have the confidence to go for it when you were ready to give up. Your assistance in identifying and nominating an individual who exemplifies these characteristics and should be considered for recognition is appreciated
Annually, Texas Black Music Educators recognizes individuals whose work has made a positive impact in music education in Texas. The purpose of these annual awards is to promote a greater understanding of and appreciation for music education, as well as to honor those individuals who are making a real difference in our community through their dedication to music education.
See the website for more details and get your nomination in by the end of November.
Everyone knows someone who has done an outstanding job in music education. Now is the time to

Nominate!!       Nominate!!!!! Nominate!!!!


Any person in the music profession who

  • Routinely go "above and beyond the call of duty" by extending efforts beyond the classroom..
  • Instill a life-long appreciation of music in their students.
  • Make a lasting difference in the lives of students of all abilities and backgrounds.
  • Inspire students to reach appropriately high levels of musical understanding and ability.
  • Make a significant impact on their community through music education

Nomination Procedures:

Nominations should include:

  • Information of the person being nominated (name, place of employment, title, home and work addresses, e-mail address, number of years in current position and number of years experience in music education).
  • Category for which the person is nominated (Elementary, Secondary, Community)
  • A statement detailing the nominee's contributions and some documentation related to this information. Please limit to 350 words
  • Nominator’s information (his/her name, relationship to nominee, home and work addresses, phone number and e-mail address).

Deadline: Nominations should be in by the end of November.

Email your nominations

Award Presentation:
The Harmony Awards will be presented at the annual dinner meeting in February during TMEA.

It's time to say thank you to ALL of those teachers who put in ALL of those hours to make sure that ALL of us love and play music today!



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