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TBME  seeks to celebrate the diverse ways that people engage with, and develop in and through, music. Our membership is open to anyone who promotes the highest standards of achievement  in all areas of music.

Membership Year:
July 1–June 30

Membership is available in the following categories:

Membership Categories

Individual Memberships

Student Membership is open to individual college students who wish to support music education and the purposes of TBME.

Professional Membership is open to any individual engaged in music education activities or any person who wishes to support music education and the purposes of the TBME. Payment of the prescribed dues will allow the individual the following privileges: participation in TBME activities; the right to vote; and  the right to hold elective office.


Academic Institutional Membership is open to Texas colleges and universities who wish to support TBME activities. Institutional Membership shall include an individual Active Membership assigned to a person designated by the institution.

Affiliate Organization Membership will be open to any organization interested in supporting the aims, objectives, and purposes of the TBME. Rights and privileges for the designate of an organization will be the same as those for Academic Institutional Membership,

(Note for all memberships: Membership is based on the Membership year as stated above)
You may also print and mail in a membership form


  • Student -$25.00
  • Professional - $50.00
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