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The Music Program at Huston-Tillotson University plays a vital role in the life of the University and in the greater Austin community.  The musical training continues to produce artists of distinction for careers in performance and education.  Dedicated faculty are professional musicians who are active as both professors and performers. Degrees offered by the program include the Bachelor of Music Education, which includes certification to teach music in Texas public schools, and the Bachelor of Arts in Music.  Students may choose education or performance with concentrations in voice, piano, or instrumental.


All-Level Music Certification
In support of the mission of the College and that of the Division of Arts and Sciences, the mission of the Area of Fine Arts is to provide the College and the surrounding community with education in, exposure to and opportunities for participation in the visual and performing arts. In addition to regularly scheduled curricular activities, the media by which this mission is accomplished include art exhibits, drama, and musical presentations. Currently, this area strives to prepare students for graduate study and professional careers in the arts.  


The mission of the College is to provide a quality, faith-based education that addresses the academic, social and Christian development of students and prepares them to be servant leaders and agents of change in their communities. Academic excellence lies at the heart of the College’s mission, along with the values of integrity, service, leadership, accountability, fiduciary responsibility, and an appreciation of cultural diversity.


Texas College’s mission is to ensure that graduates experience a balanced intellectual, psycho-social, and spiritual development aimed at making them active and productive members of society. The College pursues this mission through the core values of academic excellence; integrity; perseverance; social responsibility; tolerance; and community service. The College recognizes the dynamic nature of the modern world and, hence, the need to integrate faith with technological and scientific advancements to improve the human condition. Texas College is committed to developing the total student from academics, athletics, and the arts.


Prairie View A&M University is dedicated to excellence in teaching, research and service. It is committed to achieving relevance in each component of its mission by addressing issues and proposing solutions through programs and services designed to respond to the needs and aspirations of individuals, families, organizations, agencies, schools, and communities--both rural and urban. Prairie View A&M University is a state-assisted institution by legislative designation, serving a diverse ethnic and socioeconomic population, and a land-grant institution by federal statute. 


Educating the whole student is the goal of all degree programs at SCU.  Students can select from several different academic programs as they pursue a bachelor degree.  Each program extends the strong foundation that every student receives in their general education and religious literacy coursework.  This three-fold, Christ-centered curriculum provides the whole education necessary for each graduate to excel in their future lives and careers. The Creative Arts Department recognizes the importance of music in the Christian religion.  In congruence with the SCU mission, these degrees are designed to assist the student in developing basic skills in the practice of musical ministry in the local church.  Artistic achievement is stressed in the student’s major area through the development of performance skills and general musicianship. 


The primary mission of the Department of Fine Arts is to provide student with aesthetic experiences in art, music and theatre. Fundamental, theories and creativity are the basis of this extensive program which includes design, drawing, ceramics, printmaking, painting, sculpture, exhibitions, ensembles and solo performances. Curricular offerings are designed to produce artists, performers and directors as well as provide a broad liberal arts education. Students are provided with a strong undergraduate education upon which to base the pursuit to advanced or graduate study. Faculty members in the Department are committed to providing an educational environment where aspiring visual and performing artists and craftsmen develop in the understanding and mastering of creative techniques; where all students may gain an appreciation of the cultural, historical and educational values of the arts; and where cultural awareness translates to the community. 


The University of Texas at El Paso's Department of Music offers the Bachelor of Music degree in three major areas: Education, Performance and Theory-and-Composition. The department also offers the Master of Music degree in two major areas: Education and Performance. Many of our graduates are professional performers and educators in the southwestern United States.


The Division of Education houses programs in Teacher Education: Early childhood (EC-4) and secondary education (8-12) programs in English/Language Arts/Reading, Biology, Mathematics, History, All-Levels of Music and Physical Education. The mission of the Division of Education is to prepare competent and highly proficient teachers who possess the knowledge, understanding, skills, abilities, and attitudes required of professional educators.



 Conrad Johnson Youth Orchestra

The Conrad O. Johnson Youth Orchestra is an orchestra comprised of elementary, middles and high school students from the Greater Houston area with many coming from underserved communities. The orchestra has been a true catalyst for these students in instilling passion, a love for the arts and persistent determination for achieving goals Music and fine arts can be the great equalizer in helping students achieve success and equity in this nation.

 Houston Ebony Opera Society

The mission of Houston Ebony Music Society is to provide performance and on-going professional development opportunities for African-American choral and opera singers from Houston and the nation; to foster, in broad-based audiences, an appreciation of opera and concert music including the African American Spiritual; and to sustain and expand the African American presence in voice-associated classical music in general.

 Jazz Education, Inc.

Jazz Education Inc. (JEI) was founded by Jazz artist Bubbha Thomas, who saw a need to fill a void where music education and youth were concerned. Jazz Education Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization sponsoring three main programs (The Jazz & Poetry Series, Summer Jazz Workshop, The Houston International Jazz Festival) and several special projects

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