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TBME: "Diversity in Music Education"

TBME was established primarily to preserve, protect and foster the continued development of all music along with the legacy of those who composed, recorded, performed, and taught the music. It provides both educational and performance opportunities for all persons interested in celebrating the  musical heritage.

The TBME is organized exclusively for charitable, cultural and educational purposes. Its primary goal is to offer programs and activities to the Texas community that will assure a better quality of life for those persons who have an interest in all music.

TBME was established with the follow goals and objectives:

  • To promote the highest standards of achievement in all areas of music
  • To provide professional growth opportunities
  • To cultivate a universal appreciation of and a life time involvement in music
  • To heighten the awareness of the community through fine arts productions


  • Provides a platform for networking among music educators of similar background and constituency.
  • Sponsors clinics and activities to enhance the success of both the teachers and the students.
  • Informational booths at local and state events (TMEA),
  • Presentations by members to local groups.
    • Honor outstanding contributors to the cause of music education that may otherwise be overlooked.

Download the printable TBME Postcard in pdf format.

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